Focus 3

Conserving/re-establishing Biodiversity

Seeing our gardens as SHARED HABITAT human and animal.

Establishing a permanent water supply, a dam which captures stormwater.

Establishing wetlands and shallow ponds.

Providing nesting boxes, logs, rocks, pipes that provide habitat.

Providing a series of shallow birdbaths for smaller birds.

Planting samples of most local species of plants especially shrubs, grasses, groundcovers.

Filling the house gardens with bird attracting plants that flower throughout the year ensuring a continuous supply of food.

Educating and raising awareness of the uniqueness of the local landscape – reconciliation with this particular piece of land.

Providing signage that allows each local plant and animal to tell its own story.

Keeping cats OUT!

Keeping a diary that records all biodiversity activity throughout the seasons and site stories so that we begin to understand our own little piece of land


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