ErinEarth is made up of five paid staff and approximately 40 volunteers. Our paid staff carry out our day to day programs while our volunteers make up our board, advisory committees and our all important garden maintenance team. 


Karen Leary 

Karen is our full-time manager. If it happens in the garden, Kaz (as she likes to be known) is across it. Any extra birds in the garden lately, she knows about it. Lots of bookings coming in next month, she makes sure we have the space. New initiative in the community that we need to respond to, she’s all over it. Just don’t get between her and her cup of tea and you’ll be fine 😊 


Ben Holt 

Ben is our Education and Promotions Officer. If he got his photo in the paper any more, The Daily Advertiser would have to give him a salary. Ben’s role is to provide sustainability education to the local community, whether it is to schools or the wider community. Ben loves to network and find out what’s going on in the local area and how he can help. He loves a good smoko break, but be careful, engage him in conversation and you might find yourself looking at your watch wondering about being on time to your next appointment. 


Eltan Mestan 

Eltan is Garden Manager at ErinEarthEltan is responsible for running our volunteer garden maintenance program and the overall management if the garden itself. Eltan is a self confessed “growing addict”. Eltan loves to help life flourish. When he started at ErinEarth, we found out that we needed two greenhouses instead of one, such is his enthusiasm for growing plants. Eltan is a bundle of energy around the garden, the plants sometimes get dizzy watching him. He has also recently become a star of our social media outreach on Facebook, with his gardening demonstration videos. His IMDB rating is 5/5 ripe tomatoes.  


Clare Reeves 

Clare is our Administrative Assistant, but also provides an important youthful perspective on our organisation. Clare is currently studying a Bachelor of Applied Science with Charles Sturt University to be a park ranger, so is starting small, learning how to manage ErinEarth as a mini national park. At times passing Clare at her computer, you feel whisked away to the Gondwana Rainforests, as Clare is an avid listener to sound recordings of nature. She also provides inspirational quotes on our whiteboard, reminding us of the value of our organisation and its purpose.  


Kath Wallace  

Kath looks after ErinEarth finances one day a week, but it is amazing she can fit it in. Kath is a co-leader of the Wagga “Days for Girls” chapter. By providing sustainable menstrual hygiene solutions and education to girls & women around the world, Days for Girls empowers them to reach their full potential. Awesome stuff! Kath stays sane by playing golf at least once a week, but says that sometimes it makes life harder, depending on how she is playing. Kath makes sure all our bills get paid on time and is great at letting you know when you forgot to keep the receipt 😊