Through partnerships, open gardens, volunteering and school support programs, ErinEarth plays a vital role in Wagga Wagga. Set in a predominantly native garden accompanied by an energy efficient house, we demonstrate sustainable living, aiming to be an inspirational resource for our local area. We are proud to work with our local Wiradjuri community. We are on Wiradjuri land and respect elders past, present and emerging and extend that respect to all Indigenous and non Indigenous people in our community.

We demonstrate sustainable living by:

  • Offering a garden volunteer program
  • Opening our garden to the public 9-3 pm, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays
  • Offering a school education program
  • Maintaining an active social media presence, educating on sustainable living
  • Running information sessions for local community groups
  • Supporting our local environmental education network
  • Running four Family Fun Days each year, involving demonstrations on sustainable living.
  • Modelling the way – come in and see our garden!

ErinEarth can be found on Wiradjuri Country, in the rural inland City of Wagga Wagga. Our street address is 1 Kildare St, Turvey Park. We have ample on street parking available and are wheelchair accessible.

What’s On

Watch our new video “A Sense of Place”.

There are native plants, then there’s local native plants. Local natives have that little bit of one-upmanship about them. You know… “locals only” and all that jazz. They’ve been there, done that, they know what to do. Hot summers – no problem. Cold winters – too easy. Clay soils, sandy soils, wet soils… no dramas. Local native plants are the plants of your area. They make your area unique.

Do you know what they look like? Do you know their names? Do you know which plants are special to your area? Which plants make where you live unique?

Go on a journey with Wiradjuri elder Uncle James Ingram and learn about some of the local natives of Wiradjuri Country. Other local experts also give you tips and tricks for getting to know the locals in your area. Local native plants boost the local ecosystem. That’s the same ecosystem that gives you those beautiful bird sounds in the mornings, the crunch of bark under your feet and the glimmering reflection of morning dew. Isn’t it time you gave something back in return?

Watch this video and learn how you can support your local ecosystem by planting local natives in your backyard 🙂.

Riverina Science Hub partners would like to acknowledge the support of the Australian Government National Science Week, Inspiring Australia, Wagga Wagga City Council, Wagga Nursery, ErinEarth and the following videographers for their generous contributions, Buff Wombat Media, Cut Above Productions and Mayfly Media.