When growing seedlings doesn’t go to plan

10 May 2021


Fighting garden pests in Autumn

18 May 2021


Autumn is the time to take cuttings

6 March 2021


Taking and growing cuttings can be a cheap and easy to get your garden going. April is the month to get started

28 April 2020


Late autumn is the time to take the seedlings from the seed trays and put them into pots

30 April 2020


Tricks for getting native seeds to germinate

3 May 2021


What to look out for in May

11 May 2020


Properly pruning helps trees grow and produce fruit – May is a great time to look at this

20 May 2020



June is the time to protect your garden from frost

22 June 2020


Winter crop pest management

July 2020


Early July is perfect for boosting the soil in your asparagus

2 July 2020


July is the time to get fruit trees into the ground

16 July 2020


July is a great time to get some succulents growing in your garden

21 July 2020


Pruning crepe myrtles

29 July 2021


Potting up chocolate lilies can be done in winter

19 Aug 2020


Now is the time to get your summer seeds into trays

August 2020



Getting you spring vegetable gardening ready for summer

15 Sept 2021


Boosting your veggie garden soil in Wagga

22 Sept 2020


The tips and tricks that tomatoes need to thrive

27 Oct 2020


Tips to boost summer veggie growth

28 Oct 2020



In Wagga, summer veggies need shade! Here are some options…

9 Dec 2020


Trellising cucumbers and our beefsteak tomatoes

17 Dec 2020


Progression of our first vertical garden

Jan 12 2021


Our summer veggie garden setup

13 Jan 2021


Early Feb veggie garden tips

4 Feb 2021


How to deal with slaters

28 Dec 2020