Community integration 

ErinEarth has been a supportive part of our local community for over 20 years. The development of both our garden and organisation has been based ovolunteering and community engagement. We are proud of the linkages we have established and maintained within the local community. Our current garden volunteering crew has approximately 20 regular participants each week. 

Developments of our garden 

Our garden has developed from a rubbish dump and two asphalt tennis courts into the thriving and sustainable mini-ecosystem that it is today. We have a fully functional solar powered watering system that maintains our garden. Our garden is in an established state, with a range of plants at their mature stage. 

History of Family Fun Days 

Each year ErinEarth hosts a string of Family Fun Days on weekends, allowing parents to experience the garden alongside their children. Our garden has a great atmosphere when parents and children are exploring together, laughing, chuckling and experimenting with rocks, leaves and twigs.

School visits 

School visits are an integral part of our work at ErinEarth. We have a long history of school children coming through our gates, from early childhood right through to upper secondary.  

Garden visitors 

Thousands of people have come through our gates since the first sod was turned at ErinEarth. Whether it be during our open garden during on weekdays, our Family Fun Days, community group visits or school visits, we are proud to demonstrate how to care for our local environment. 

Community partnerships 

ErinEarth has developed strong partnerships in the local community. Whether it be our relationship with Wagga Wagga City Council, The Riverina Environmental Education Centre, local businesses donating supplies or expertise, or ErinEarth supporting the work of other organisations, we are proud to always work in conjunction with our local community.