The work of ErinEarth is centred on demonstrating sustainable living to the local Wagga Community. We carry out this work in a variety of ways such as: 


  • Being mindful of the powerful connection Wiradjuri culture has to this place. We seek to respect this culture and act accordingly, respecting the land and the people who live here 


  • Running a volunteer garden maintenance program. This program is open to everybody, providing a welcoming, supporting place for all. 


  • Opening our garden to the public each Tuesday and Wednesday for people to wander, kids to play and for quiet contemplation. 


  • Running a school and community education program. We support a local environmental education network made up of early childhood centres, pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, community education providers and Charles Sturt University. ErinEarth staff help convene this network in addition to visiting schools, supporting teachers with lesson material and facilitating visits to the ErinEarth garden.  


  • Engaging with our local community by holding and attending information sessions at various locations and offering Four Family Fun Days each year to show the changing beauty of our garden through the seasons. 


  • Maintaining a website, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram presence to keep our community up to date, providing suggestions on how to act in environmentally friendly ways. 


  • Using environmentally friendly approaches in our garden such as native plant selection, heavy mulching, drip irrigation, on site management of waste via compost, minimal use of pesticides and herbicides, natural fertilisers such as compost and manure, among many others. The garden is made up of mostly native plants with a few hardy introduced species, a vegetable garden, small orchard and chook run, plus areas for kids to explore and play. We aim to inspire ideas for developing your own garden.