Can ErinEarth support the great work you are doing, or would like to do, in the local community? 

We would love to get involved. If you feel any of the staff at ErinEarth could support your local organisationproject or event, please let us know. Examples of previous activities include: 

  • Presentations to local community groups on the latest science and solutions around climate change. 
  • Labour, materials and vehicle usage in a local revegetation project 
  • Speech at a local World Children’s Day event. 
  • Hosting a BBQ at the Global Climate Strike Wagga Wagga Rally.  
  • Helping access expert advice in planning your next event or program. 
  • Connecting people in our local area with like-minded expertise, ideas or motivation.  
  • Providing a beautiful, central, well equipped meeting space for community groups.
  • Providing expertise in garden design and labour.