Free Time in Nature 

All young people are welcome at Erin Earth to just come and enjoy free time in nature. We have a great little playground where young ones can dig, balance, look, manipulate and be creative. Alternatively, kids can enjoy a guided sensory walk around the garden and partake in some sensory games as well. 


We can arrange planting activities for kids which enable them to get their hands dirty. The exact activity may depend on the time of year, but we can always find ways to help kids get their hands in soil. 

Minibeast Scouts 

Magnifying glasses are a great way to scour our garden looking for minibeasts. Lizards, ants, beetles and flying insects are all in abundance at Erin Earth 


Photography, drawing, and craft activities are all aided by the diversity of plants and animals at Erin EarthThe diversity in plant and animal life here is amazing. Check out our Instagram page to get a sneak peek.  

Veggie Gardens/Composting 

Many schools are growing their own veggies and composting their own organic waste. This is a great way to be environmentally friendly and get kids interested in the world around them. Come up to Erin Earth to get some tips on how to get started or take the next step in your growing journey. 

Climate Change and It’s Solutions 

Climate change is a phrase on many people’s lips. Get in contact with us if you would like any resources that can help you teach this topic, as well as it’s solutions.  


Water is a big issue in our area. We live in an area undergoing significant climactic changes, yet we rely on rainfall for an integral part of our local economy: agriculture. Come and find out how Erin Earth conserves water within our half hectare native garden. You will learn about water conservation design, garden design, plant selection and garden maintenance 

Environmentally Friendly Building Design 

Our office building has several design features that make it environmentally friendly. Solar panels, design for passive heating and cooling, tinted windows etc. Our building has a 5-star NatHERS rating. Come and find out what this looks like and how it works. 

Mindfulness/Observation Activities 

Being mindful in nature means slowing down and noticing what is going on around you. There are a number of these activities we can do at ErinEarth, tailoring them for different age groups.  

Wiradjuri Education 

Uncle James Ingram is a Wiradjuri elder that upon request is able to come to Erin Earth and engage your students with meaningful stories about our place and how we fit into it. Uncle James can give advice on plants significant within Wiradjuri culture and how you might be able to grow these in a garden at your school. Uncle James tells stories thousands of years old, so it is important to be respectful and appreciative of the knowledge he is able to share. 


Pollinating insects play a vitally important role in the production of food we eat. Without pollinators, plants are not able to produce seeds and our food systems would be in peril. Come to Erin Earth and find out how pollinators work and see some in their natural environment.  

Land and site management 

ErinEarth acts like a mini national park within our local urban area. Come and find out what types of challenges we have in maintaining our site and how we meet these challenges.  

Ecosystem flows, Nutrient flows, Energy flows, Carbon Cycle, Water Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle. 

The native plants and animals at ErinEarth all have a role to play in our local environment. In our garden students can observe different parts of the environment acting as significant players in each of these systems. 

Promotion of Life/Concept of Growing 

In 1995 the site of Erin Earth was two asphalt tennis courts and a dumping ground for the nearby school. But with a sense of drive and a clear purpose, Erin Earth is now a beautiful and diverse half hectare native garden and wetland. Come and see what the site has been transformed to and how we have done it.

Help with Setting UpYour Veggie Patch or Landscaping Ideas 

We are happy to travel to your school and help advise on planting projects that you can do in the playground.

Help with Writing Educational Programs 

Erin Earth is able to support you with ideas you could use in the classroom with your students. 


Our Instagram page can be used by Early Childhood educators to help give young people a sense of awe and wonder about the natural world. This can aid in a sense of connection and help develop a sense of stewardship.  

Our free Stage 5 Geography Workbook titled “Our Planet: Our Future” 

In 2019 Erin Earth conducted a survey of local educators asking what they thought meaningful environmental education looked, sounded and felt like. As a result of this the “Our Planet: Our Future” resource was developed. This supports students studying Sustainable Biomes in Stage 5 Geography to learn how their actions have an impact on the environment, why this matters and what they can do about it. Download you free copy here: 


The Riverina Environmental Educators Network 

Erin Earth helps convene our local environmental education network. All teachers are welcome to join. Through this they will find out what resources are available to them in the local area and will be connected to a likeminded network where they can find support and ideas for their own classroom. 


Link to the Simple Climate Action Website 

Simple Climate Action is a website with a free teaching resource for NSW Stage 5 Geography Teachers. It includes a workbook that covers the entire “Environmental Change and Management” unit, focusing on climate change.